Freelancers Working In The Arts Movement

Freelancers in the big is our community in Northern Ireland? We have no idea, and neither do the wider public. We know there are many of us. It's time we as a community find out.

This website has been set up by freelance artists in an attempt to connect our artistic community, to improve our visibility among the wider community and to empower us as individual freelancers within the arts. In these times it has become apparent that many of our community have fallen between the cracks when it comes to financial support etc. Our sector is often underfunded and many of our artists have become disempowered. We are disjointed by geography, art form and opinion. It's time for change.

 Core Values of this campaign:

- To demonstrate a mutual respect for our fellow freelancers, organisations and community.

- To promote a positive approach to the possibility of change within our sector.

Our Vision

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About Artists NI

To reach freelancers in every street of every town and city in the North. 

To connect.  Our freelancers are key...Its time to virtually gather!

To campaign in line with who we are as freelancers within the arts. 

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